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Crawfish Etouffee

We had our 2nd annual McCao crawfish boil in mid-April.  It was kind of a scramble, because apparently crawfish season ran a little late this year due the hard freezes over winter.  Too bad we didn't expect that and arranged the crawfish boil before I was sure we could get our hand on some.  Well the usual local suppliers: HEB, Whole Foods, Quality Seafood, and Fiesta had none to sell yet.  Instead of cancelling, we just had some crawfish overnighted to our front door from Louisiana through Louisiana Crawfish Company.  Haha. It was awesome! Of course, there was the usual Jake vs. crawfish throw down.  Jake won. He ate like, 3 live mud bugs.  We ordered 40lbs and had a few pounds left, so I made our friends help me peel the rest and saved the tails to make my mom's crawfish etouffee.

This etouffee is the delicious combo of buttery smokey roux, and that classic celery, onion, green bell pepper combo that marks great creole dishes.  I don't know how exactly my mom started mak…