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Paris part deux

Some more pictures of us doing tourist-y things and eating more good food.  One day we went to visit Reid's co-worker out about 40 mintues outside of Paris. His wife owns a fromagerie (cheese shop) and we got to visit the shop, eat a giant cheese plate out of my dreams, followed by a delicious home-cooked meal of roast lamb, carrots, whipped potatoes and strawberries with gruyere whipped cream.  Then we went on a quick hike in the woods by their house.  I wish my French had been better so I could've gotten a description of all the different cheeses a little more detailed than 'goat cheese' or 'cow cheese' or cheese with truffles.
We also spent almost every day eating macarons.  We visited La Duree (our favorite) multiple times and also Piere Herme.  I think I could eat French macarons in Paris all day, everyday. 


Reid and I went to Paris in April to visit my grandmother and for my grandfather's death anniversary.  It was a good visit.  My grandmother was very happy to see everyone.  Of course, we ate lots of great food.  My cousin, Celia, her cousins own a microbraiserie called Le Triangle.  We visited it one night and it was very good.  One cousin is the chef, and we ate a very creative tasting menu.  The other cousin's husband brews beer.  The girl cousin runs front of house.  The three of them make up the 'triangle'.  Microbreweries are pretty new and uncommon in Paris, and their restaurant is the first to serve food.  
Of course, we visited lots of patisseries and also visited the farmer's market by my grandmother's apartment in mouffetard.