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Banh Bot Chien, Vietnamese Fried Rice Flour Cake with Eggs

Banh bot chien is a Vietnamese street-food of crispy and chewy rice cakes surrounded by an omelet-style amount of eggs, green onions, and pickled radishes.  It is probably one of my most favorite things to eat.  There is a 24-hour Vietnamese-Chinese restaurant in Chinatown called Tan Tan and in my opinion, makes the very best banh bot chien.  My childhood was filled with Tan Tan's banh bot chien.  We'd often eat lunch there with my family and their friends after an early morning tennis match (that I probably got dragged along to).  Banh bot chien was the carrot on my stick on those super early mornings.

And it is extremely similar to Chinese jianbing, which according to this Tasting Table is the next big trend. I vaguely remember gobbling down some jianbing at a street stand one late night after clubbing…