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Overnight Oats

I'm posting this recipe mainly for my mom, who was interested in my overnight oats when my parents stayed with us a couple of weeks ago.  I'm always looking for easy, quick breakfast meals and overnight oats is as good as it gets for me as far as meal planning goes.  I can make a batch of 10 of these jars on Sunday night and have breakfast on-the-go for both me and hubs for the whole work week.  These are so easy to put together, that even the hubs can assemble them.  I'm always amazed at people who can plan an entire week or month's worth of meals for their family.  I'm lucky if I can get it together enough to defrost some chicken to eat for that night's dinner.  So overnight oats is my stepping stone to those Pinterest boards of months of freezer-to-crockpot pictures I'm oh-so-envious of.

Overnight Oats (makes 4)

4 pint sized mason jars2 c. old fashioned or steel-cut oats8 tsp. maple syrup1 tsp. vanilla extract4 tbs. chia seeds~4 c. unsweetene…

Scratch-made Baguettes and Banh Mi, Vietnamese Sandwiches

I'm pretty sure every culture has their version of a sandwich.  Behind pho, banh mi's are probably the most well-known Vietnamese food for the rest of the world.  Again, because Vietnam is a country with a complicated political past, it's food (unlike the rest of the country and culture) really benefited with the banh mi.  Part French, part Chinese, part Southeast Asian amazingness, the banh mi takes a French baguette, stuffs it with meats only an adventurous, starving person would consider edible (can I get a hell-yeah for some headcheese?!), and smothers it in French mayonaise, fresh cilantro, jalepenos, cucumbers, and pickled, shredded carrots.  If you haven't had banh mi yet, you've probably been living under a rock.  But growing up in Houston where we have had amazing banh mi specialty shops for ever, I can tell you with experience that there are good banh mi and there are life-changing, mmmm-worthy, eat-every-weekend-after-your-parents-dragged-you-to-yet-ano…