Soda Chanh, Vietnamese Limeade

There have been over 24 days in a row where the temperature has exceeded 100*F here.  I'm like 6 months pregnant? Don't ask me questions, I'm hot and my brain doesn't work.  Anyway, one respite from the heat is soda chanh, or Vietnamese style limeade.  Because, as I was reading in Real Simple magazine whilst waiting the hour for my gestational diabetes test at the doctor's office, nothing is better on a hot day than lemonade limeade.

Soda chanh is probably the drink I'll order out at a Vietnamese restaurant unless I'm enjoying some Vietnamese coffee (Cafe Sua Da) or it's winter and they have fresh warm soy milk.  May need to do a post on cafe sue da later, but since I'm preggos, and it's 105 freaking degrees outside, it's soda chanh time, baby.  Some restaurants don't make it right.  There should be a visible layer of sugar at the bottom.  You use the spoon to mix it all up, and sip it through a straw.  Ahhhhh!

Hubs has a soda stream to drink soda water (he kicked his Coco-cola addiction about 5 years ago, but still needs the bubbles).  That makes this super easy to whip up.  All you need is

  • fresh limes
  • sugar
  • soda water
A 1:1:4 ratio is what I target.  I think that usually ends up being 1 lime, 2-3 tbs sugar, and filling the rest with ice and soda water.


  1. Use a tall glass to layer sugar in.  
  2. Add ice, lime juice, and soda water
  3. Mix it all together and sip it down.  Ahhhhhhh


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