Sunday, April 28, 2013

Austin Food & Wine Festival

I spent my Sunday volunteering at the Austin Food & Wine Festival.  Since it was a weekend-long event, and I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the entire span of it if I'd bought tickets due to work, I decided to volunteer on my day off.  It was a really enjoyable experience.  I got to watch a few cooking demos and eat great food/sample yummy wines.  Here are a few pics I took while there.
Roasting Pigs

Cooking demo by Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson Up Close
I don't know why this photo keeps uploading sideways ;P

Tidbits I learned:
  1. The reason unsalted butter>salted butter is because salt acts as a preservative so usually unsalted butter is fresher than salted.  (I had always used unsalted because it was easier to control salt levels myself, plus, I like having one butter in the fridge for both cooking and baking) 
  2. Save shrimp shells for making a really flavorful, layered ramen broth
  3. Gewurztraminer wines pair really well with spicy foods. 

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