Food Adventures in Spain!

Reid and I came back from our honeymoon in Barcelona and Majorca, Spain two weeks ago.  It was really amazing.  We spent five days Barcelona, getting our culture on visiting Picasso's museum, Miro's art museum, the Museum of Catalan Art, Sagrada Familia, Le Cathedral, Park Guell, and obviously eating and drinking.  Three days in Majorca was spent hiking, swimming, and just taking in the amazing beauty of that island.  It was really phenomenal.  We've made a pact to go back at least for our 25th anniversary.  

Of course, the food was wonderful.  We feasted on tapas, paella, sardines, sangria, and Estrella bear.  One dish that really surprised me was the Spanish omelettes we ate.  They were these fluffy but flavor-dense thick egg and potato omelettes with the perfect salty savory yumminess.  I really didn't think they were going to be that good, but they were! Especially as little bocadillos (mini baguette sandwiches).  I'll have to find a recipe for them because there's gotta be more to them then egg and potato!  One thing that was difficult, was eating dinner so late (we mulled around one restaurant at 8pm waiting for it to open!)

Forgot to mention this amazing dessert called La Cardinal. I didn't get any photos, but at a seaside restaurant in Port Soller, we had this dessert which was layered meringue, whipped cream, and raspberry sauce. Sounds so simple but it was absolutely amazing! Light and refreshing and melt in your mouth.

Reid's Uncle Brent recommended this wonderful restaurant he'd been to a few years ago.  Unfortunately, it was no longer  there so we had tapas at a nearby restaurant.  Tomato bread, salmon ceviche, and artichoke with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts.

Espresso and wonderful mini pastries and cookies.

Macaron with chocolate sauce and creme brulee gelato

Post beach swim lunch: sardines with french fries


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