Anniversary dinner at Counter 3. FIVE. VII

It was our second anniversary this month and the husband treated us to a wonderful meal at Counter 3.five. VII.  The concept behind the restaurant is pretty awesome.  It's the diners sitting right there at a U shaped counter with chefs on the other side.  There is nothing separating you from the chef, diners can watch their meals being made and interact with the creators.  So that explains the counter part of the name.  The 3. five. VII refers to set course meals of 3, 5, or 7 focusing on what is in season.  The menu changes seasonally and there are options for wine pairings, as well.
We had a really amazing time.  Reid and I had the seven course meal without pairings.  The food was refreshing, contemporary, and innovative.  The chefs were friendly and welcoming.  And the presentation was beautiful.  It was such a treat and a wonderful experience to be able to watch the chefs prepare the meals; watching how every little detail and component came together with such precision, attention to detail, and thought.  We will definitely have to come back for another special occasion!

Leather Bound menu for that night
Swordfish and Succotash


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