Crawfish Boil

We had a crawfish boil the other weekend. It was my first time doing one solo (no family help), and it was a success. Good times with good friends, good food and beer, and good weather.

We had corn, potatoes, and crawfish/crayfish boiled in some lemony, Louisiana seasoned water. I topped a few off with my butter-garlic dipping sauce.  Next time I'll have to do some sausage, too.  I tried to keep it simple since this was our first one, but we were definately hurting for some sausage.  I think our German friend would've enjoyed some sausage, too, since he didn't really care for the prehistoric looking creepy crawlies.

Beautiful pics taken by our friend, Marcus.

Thank goodness we were able to keep them alive through all the purges.


Laissez-les bons temps roulez

Reid hard at work

The most handsome dog


  1. Looks amazing!! Good job on your first crawfish boil. You're going to have to teach me!


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