Cheese 101

A few weeks ago, Reid and I went to a Cheese 101 course at Antonelli's Cheese Shop.  Antonelli's is an awesome cheese shop that is about 5 blocks away from our house.  Obviously, we eat a lot of cheese from there.  Sometimes we just visit and talk to the cheese mongers, who are really knowledgeable and friendly.  It's much smaller in selection than the typical fromageries I'm used to in Paris, but that's a benefit because it doesn't stink!

Any way, I dragged Reid to one of their cheese courses for a date night.  We ate a lot of cheese.  And learned a lot about cheese.  Maybe got too much info about cheese regulations going on right now.  Reid thought 2 hours about cheese was way too extensive.  I was happy, though, because, come on, eating cheese!
Learning About Cheese!
Delicious Cheese


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