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Hi! My name is Christine.  I live in Austin, TX with my dog, Jake; cat, Julius; husband, Reid; and son, "J".  I'm a small animal veterinarian by trade, but on my spare time I enjoy gardening, baking and cooking.  My parents are Vietnamese immigrants, my grandparents live in Paris, and my husband is from Abilene, TX.  All of these things have influenced my cooking and baking interests and this blog helps me track this exploration.  It's also a place to share recipes from and with my family and friends.

My blog's name hails from the coveted jar of smoked salt and pepper that lives in my pantry.  One of my great-aunt painstakingly smokes and finely grinds this spice.  It is a specialty of the central region of Vietnam.

Thanks for stopping by!
My jar of smoked salt and pepper
Reid, me and Jake in front of our favorite breakfast place

Me, "J" and Reid (photo credit: Linda Nguyen with CuriousNotionsPhotography


  1. Welcome to the AFBA, Christine! Now HOW THE HECK can I land some of that smoked salt and pepper. WOW!

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