Great Party Appetizer Recipes: cheese and wheat crackers, Furikake chex mix, meatballs in tangy sauce, sweet potato pancakes, copy-cat Kirby Queso

We threw a New Year's Eve party this year and it was lots of fun with some good friends.  I love trying out new recipes when I've got plenty of people to give me opinions, so I tried a few that I'd been saving up.  I worked New Year's Eve, so I did want to make sure I could either semi-home-make some or prepare them ahead of time.  None of these recipes are season specific, so they would be great for any party.
My menu fore New Year's.  Click on link for recipes
  • Cheese from Antonelli's Cheese Shop (brie, gruyere, gouda, and blue cheese) with homemade wheat crackers: why let crackers be an after-thought?
  • Meatballs in tangy sauce: Reid's grandma introduced me to this easy and delish meatball appetizer
  • Furikake Chex Mix: sweet, salty, umami, addicting! Pop over to my friend's blog for the recipe
  • Meyer's Elgin Pork Sausage on pretzel sticks with mustard: no link, you can figure this one out!
  • Sweet Potato Pancakes: bite-sized sweet potato latkes
  • crudités platter: courtesy of HEB and my friend Elizabeth
  • Copy cat Kirby Queso, guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips
  • French 76 cocktails, beer, wine, and champagne


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